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Brandon Isaak:

Speed Control:

Straight out of -40 degrees in Canada's Yukon, Graeme Peters, brother Jody Peters, and Ian March formed the power trio Speed Control. The three members all come from a jazz and classical background but have turned to their true passion - rock n' roll.

Ukes of Hazard is a fun upbeat band based out of Whitehorse Yukon. Starring lead singer and electric ukulele player Paris Vagabond Gypsy, who is accompanied by Ryan Gould (keyboard), Adam Cripps (bass), John Lee (Electric guitar) and Marshall Charlebois (drums). together Ukes of Hazard performs a collection of original songs and upbeat unique covers.

Ukes Of Hazard:

Nicole Edwards:

Roxx Hunter:

Roxx Hunter is a versatile musician and singer-songwriter who has lit up every haunt, pub, coffee house, and festival across the North as well as stages in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. An exciting performer to watch with flourishes of technical proficiency, coupled with a sense of humor and easy going nature, making each show a memorable one. Drawing on influences from rock and metal, to world music and solo acoustic, Roxx plays music that blurs the lines of genre and style, delivered with a heavy groove. Joining Roxx will be some of the Yukon's finest musicians.

Major Funk and the Employment:

A rhythmic assemblage of Yukon funkadelics, who love nothing more than passion-laced melodies and your feet moving feistily across Northern dance floors.

Dakhká Khwáan Dancers:

Soul Migration:

Soul Migration is an eclectic band featuring some of the Yukon's most experienced musicians playing Soul, R&B, Reggae, Rock, Blues, Funk and many shades in between. Composed of Pam Phillips on Vocals and Bass, Dave Sutton on Keyboards, Marc Paradis on Drums, Alex Machidon on Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Selina Heyligers-Hare on keyboards, guitar, and vocal, and Roxx Hunter on Vocals and Lead Guitar, Soul Migration loves to have fun, lay a groove down, and get people dancing!

Salty Dawgs/Chris Moir:

Chris Moir was born in Windsor Ontario where he grew up listening to his Dad and brother play guitar and sing songs around the kitchen table. When he was 9 his family moved to Faro Yukon and then Whitehorse at 15. By the age of 16 he decided to pick up a guitar and learn to play and sing for himself.  His influences hold no genre boundaries as he has crafted his talent from an open heart and mind.  In 1991 Chris had helped form the Band Lack of Communication and landed his first  “Bar gig” at in the A circuit room in Trappers, Klondike Inn, Yukon. Since then Chris has performed nearly every bar, community center, and Festival in every town in Yukon and opened up for such artists as Nazareth, Chilliwack, Dr.Hook, and April Wine. He has toured from Toronto Ontario to Victoria, B.C and all the way to Inuvik N.W.T.  He has performed on radio and television stations alike such as City T.V., B.C. T.V, CHCH Hamilton and Played at T.O.'s legendary Horseshoe Tavern, Victoria's Legends And Vancouver Railway Club just to name a few

Patrick Jacobson:

Patrick Jacobson is a Whitehorse-based indie-rock songwriter. Originally hailing from Vancouver, he earned his reputation as the front man for The Capitals by writing endearing, dulcet anthems with crackerjack choruses. He also co-wrote songs with The Top Drawers and The Luna Riot. Now he's is returning to his roots with a guitar in his hands to sing for anybody who still enjoys a good melody.